About Skrubit

We help you make innovation everybody’s business by building a community where every individual or corporate body can connect for inspiration, sharing of ideas, and development of innovation opportunities.

Open, collaborative and distributed have become the guiding principles for corporate innovation. But many organizations are still struggling with transcending organizational structures and engaging people across the organization in the innovation effort.

At Skrubit, we help you build your innovators’ community. A community where your innovators and corporate entrepreneurs can connect. Connect for sharing of observations, collaborating and developing ideas and innovation opportunities, gathering inspiration about trends and practices, and staying updated about what’s happening on the innovation front.


Most people working in a large organisation do not have the tools to work as corporate entrepreneurs. However, they each have the potential to become one. This is why we create an idea sharing platform so that they can turn good ideas into clear-cut investment cases. The knowledge and confidence gained will change their approach for the rest of their careers.

Our Approach

Coming up with new ideas to drive growth is a major concern of most executives. Rather than sitting idle waiting for the next idea to hit your head, we have categorized several business concepts to suit your skill or interest. Thus, turning to innovation challenges to rally the collective power of smart and intelligent individuals to come up with new innovation opportunities.


Because innovation is about people, not about ideas, we provide free legal ideas and tools for employees and individuals in entrepreneurship. When an investment opportunity is way beyond incremental changes, we ensure that a venture-style investment approach is implemented and we make sure your company innovates the start-up way.

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